• Uptown Rear Addition

Project Year: 2020

"If a busy family wish to update their semidetached 1920” s home with a new galley style open kitchen and upstairs bedroom addition. We included a basement office space with lots of natural light. Our program eventually included front porch curb appeal and various interior improvement. The finishing touch was a new rear outdoor deck and stone patio.

  • Davisville Village Renovation

Project Year: 2022

A 1980's large but tired Brick Detached House required a much needed facelift and full Interior Renovation. This project is currently underway.

  • Clairlea Renovation

Project Year: 2022

A modest Post War house was fully renovated to provide a young family with contemporary spacious living arrangements. Ground floor spaces were reconfigured to provide an open plan. A new rear addition provides a private family space at the rear opening up to a green space park with a upper primary 'tree house' bedroom and ensuite retreat.


  • Danforth Renovation

Project Year: 2015

An Inventive reconfiguration of a ground floor open plan.

  • East End Addition

    Project Year: 2013

    Alterations to existing 1920's Cottage provides spacious family living when a great room was added at the rear along with an open layout kitchen. A new garage was added with sliding barn doors to the yard. Other alterations include an updated stairway and basement office space and washroom/ laundry.

  • Junction Addition

Project Year: 2016

Rear addition and renovation to existing single family home, providing elbow room and new back yard entry for a busy family. The scope of this project included a insulated building envelope.